redaktion konzeption marketing


Good press - better business

Eighty percent of any information in the media is, today, based on press releases. What we read,hear or see today is not left to chance. More and more businesses, therefore, rely on well-targeted press work. That is the way to successfully strengthen the image of your business, your brands, products and services.

Msm-kommunication offers you professional support with your launch in the media. Whether print, radio or television, we put into practice ideas and texts, word and picture contributions specifically aimed at the target groups for your press work and business communications.

Based on a thorough research our performance spectrum covers reports, press articles and Ad-Hoc-reports about the drawing-up of articles for your business and quarterly reports, as well as, company brochures and staff magazines, speeches for the Board or a text redesigning of your internet page.

You profit from our numerous business, organisation and media contacts, as well as, reliable sources of information. Well-founded research of texts, precise structures of information and creative text work - with us you always have the right words. Get in touch with us.